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What is Network Marketing? How to earn money from Network Marketing 2023

In today’s article, we are going to tell two points in detail, first about network marketing as what is network marketing, how network marketing works and second point how to earn money from network marketing. However, with this system, you can earn money both sitting at home and in the shopkeeper.

I did a lot of research about network marketing, understood about it, worked and then I am sharing my own experience in this article. I believe that you are going to get to learn a lot about “What is Network Marketing” and “How to earn money from Network Marketing” for free here.

What is Network Marketing ?

Network Marketing is known as Direct Selling but it is slightly different. For example, direct selling means buying from the same factory or making it yourself and selling directly to the customer and not to any wholesaler and retailer. Whereas in network marketing, it is such that in the beginning a network has to be created by adding people one by one.

All these people are such who show interest in selling the goods. This is just a network from your side, this is called network marketing. As the people join, the team becomes bigger, due to which your income also starts increasing a lot and how you can learn about it below, how network marketing works.

How to earn money from Network Marketing ?

You will be able to know some points about how to earn money from Network Marketing very well through the picture. By the way, the commission made from different companies is different. Let’s assume that if a person sells the goods alone, then he will get 40 percent profit, but on the other hand, if the person connects some people with his ID, then you will get the profit of all the products sold by all the people who come inside him.

Apart from this, as you keep connecting people with your id, you will get 15 percent profit of about Rs.350 in return. Means separate money for selling the product and separate money for team building. Most of the money is made only on team building and you should take special care of this point.

Don’t think that in this I will get a chance to earn money only by selling the product. But if you are not able to sell the product in this, then leave the team after that, after that you will also get the bonus of your team only if your team keeps adding new people to the front.

What is Network Marketing – How to earn money from Network Marketing ?

Suppose you add two persons, then you will get 15 percent commission from one and 15 percent from the other, about 700 rupees. By keeping two people face to face, matching income is received separately, about 10 percent. After this, the two persons who are connected below you will add two persons ahead and two persons each, so that you will now again get the commission of two persons. There are 6 people in your team.

Now, if the 6 people under you add 1-1 more people, then 6 more people will be added, whose commission you will get from 6 persons around Rs.4500. The person in front will not only get money, but you will also get his commission.

However, the offers of some companies are also seen separately, such as we get 5 to 10 percent of the income of the person in front, matching income separately and commission for level up, buy from the person in front. You get commission for the goods sold. Which is a big deal and such offers are not available in all companies.

From the company in which I am registered, I get commission in 4 ways ranging from 10% to 40%. Apart from this, there is also an offer that after leveling up, I will continue to get this income for the rest of my life, which is called fixed income. If we talk about another income and that is repurchase income, that is, such income that we get separately, if any person from your team buys the same, then you get a separate commission.

Note : Network marketing companies that give more bonus initially give a good bonus but later change the plan due to which the income is not much and later it becomes difficult to leave them because our team has been formed from there. For this reason, if you know about what is network marketing in the internet and how to earn money from network marketing, then you will come to know about different companies from which you can get some information.

How do we get started ?

If you have come to know what is Network Marketing and how to earn money from Network Marketing, then now you are ready to register and you can register yourself to work in Network Marketing. If you want to start, then you can register in the network marketing company by talking to me with the help of the above given mail id given below.

Although the register is free, but the rules of all companies are such that in the beginning you have to buy from the same company once, only after that you will get commission. Whether you eat, apply or sell those items is up to you.

Where does the income from network marketing come from

Income in some network marketing is done in 2 ways, some in three and some in four ways. The company in which I am registered earns income in about 5 ways, out of which the first income is on selling the same, the second income is on joining new person, the third income matching, the fourth income repurchase and the fifth income is 5% of the income of the team. 10 percent commission from So many offers are not seen in all network marketing companies but only in a few companies.

How much can be earned from network marketing

There is an opportunity to earn lakhs in a month in network marketing and I have seen those people who are earning so much who have also sent me screenshots. I know some people don’t believe. Those who believe get millions of income and there are few people who believe, that’s why most people do not know that so much income is made inside this system.

Advantages of Network Marketing

  • Multiple times more profit than direct selling
  • After completing the level, you get a chance to travel for free from the network marketing company.
  • Opportunity to earn fast in less time from online works
  • Lifelong fixed income after level completion
  • Network marketing starts with less money
  • To be a part of network marketing, you do not have to give interview etc.
  • Network marketing which can be done both online and offline
  • Network marketing gives an opportunity to earn as much income as an actor, that too in less time.
  • Disadvantages of Network Marketing:
  • Some network marketing companies have lower commissions
  • Some network marketing companies require hard work to make money.
  • Some network marketing rules are quite strict

Why most people talk wrong about network marketing

People who do not know about online work, they tell network marketing wrong. In earlier times, there were no mobiles and at that time if a person used to talk on the phone, the people in front used to say that there are no mobiles and this person has gone mad, don’t know if he is talking alone. But after a few years, that is, in today’s time, people believe that mobile is a useful thing.

In the same way, the work of network marketing which most of the people do not know, but slowly most of the people will also start giving advice to do this work. This work is not very new nor very old. But work is being done day by day, which we do not know about and people consider those works as fraud, such as earning money from YouTube, earning money from Facebook and earning money from blogging, there is a lot of money in all this work, but People don’t believe.

Money is not made from network marketing, why do people say this

There are some people who may have registered in network marketing but despite working, money is not made. But if you work by talking to people in the right way, then money will be made. If money is not made from poor network marketing, it does not mean that all network marketing companies are useless or fraud. First of all, it is necessary to know about what is Network Marketing, only then it is talked about earning money from here.

Note :I know that some people must be thinking that the income from network marketing is not very high i.e. it is not in lakhs in a month. But there is earning in lakhs and I know those people who are now standing on gold level, who have earned lakhs within 5 years at a young age. The government has also given the best work to the system of network marketing, which will improve our economy in the coming time, and the coming people will definitely talk about “what is network marketing” or “how to earn money from network marketing” in most of the internet. Will search.

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