What is APMC and What is the Full form of APMC

Today I am going to tell you about the full form of APMC, often many people keep hearing about APMC but people do not know much about what is APMC and why it was established and What are the advantages and disadvantages, so I am going to mention these things in this article and I am going to give you complete information about it.

Let me tell you one more thing that after the implementation of APMC, the farmer brothers started opposing it very much, after all, what was it that started opposing it so much and what were the objectives of implementing it, and what is APMC Full-Form It is very important for you to know about it and this kind of information can prove to be very useful for you, then you should read this post completely.

APMC Full Form

Before telling about what is APMC and what is it called, let me tell you about its full name. APMC FULL FORM – AGRICULTURAL PRODUCE MARKET COMMITTEE and was approved by the cabinet in June 2020 and this committee means to sell the crops in the market committee.

What is APMC

If you would have known a little about it, then you must have seen that earlier farmers had to go to the market to sell their crops and in such a situation, they used to exploit many farmers by buying grains at a lower price, after that they used to buy the same crop a lot.

They used to sell at high prices so that the farmers could not get suitable profits, but the main objective of establishing this committee was to provide a platform to the farmers to sell their crops by the government of all the states of the country and it would ensure That no farmer should be exploited and farmers can get a suitable price for food grains.

Due to the farmers not taking the adequate price of their grains, the farmers have to take a huge amount loan and the farmer was gradually getting caught in the loan, in such situation, those farmers got a lot of benefit from this committee because it helped the farmers with the hands of greedy middlemen. Didn’t know there was exploitation.

How do middlemen exploit farmers?

What is APMC
What is APMC

You will find it strange that how the middlemen exploit the farmers and in such a situation why the farmers used to sell their crops, then I am going to tell you about it:-

  • The middlemen used to lure the farmers and earn profit by taking the crop at a very low price from the market price and selling it at a very high price.
  • The middlemen are very powerful economically and politically, whereas most of the farmers do not have such a big identity.
  • If a middleman refuses to take the grain of a farmer to the market, then no one will buy his grain in the market, due to which he is forced to sell the grain to the middlemen.
  • You must have seen that if you get onions very expensive, then you would think that farmers are getting benefit from it, but in reality, middlemen earn more profit in the price of food grains.
  • The farmer could not keep it with him for a long time due to the fear of spoilage of the crop and in such a situation he was forced to sell the crop to middlemen.
  • And this is the main reason why farmers are exploited by middlemen and because of this, most of the farmers are not able to get the benefits according to their hard work.

Some of the main reasons for opposing APMC?

You must have seen in the news that many farmers and experts etc. had objected to the implementation of APMC and there may be different reasons for this, but if experts are to be believed, then the APMC law is a violation of the federal economy of the country because the Constitution of India has given the state The Assembly has been given the right to operate the Mandis and it is mentioned in the Seventh Schedule of the Indian Constitution.

And many experts believe that the agricultural market is operated by APMC, so the central government should not interfere in it and there are many states where the farmers do not care about the implementation of this law. Bihar and Jharkhand etc. are included and the main reason for this is that there is no government procurement

and agricultural market from the beginning, due to this reason the farmers here are forced to sell their crops to middlemen and traders from the very beginning, the same in Punjab state. There was more opposition and for this, the government had to take some strict steps.

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