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TGT Full-Form – Complete information about TGT?

Friends, today I am giving you complete information about TGT Full-Form – TGT? I will tell and you must know a little about it, then you should read this post well, often you read a post, but do not read it completely and when you are asked about it from anywhere, then you post If you read it completely, then you should go after reading this post completely.

TGT Full-Form – What is TGT?

If you would like to know about the TGT Full-Form, then its full form is Trained Graduate Teacher and now you must have come to know about the full form of TGT. So let us now know about its other information.

TGT and PGT exam is held at the state level only and TGT means Trained Graduate’s teacher who to apply in the exam, the candidate has to be graduate and B.Ed. It is mandatory to have and for the examination of PGT i.e. (Post Graduate Teacher) candidates have to possess Post Graduate with B.ED. It is necessary to pass in, but if the candidates pass the TGT exam, then he can teach children from 6th class to 10th class as a teacher, and if the candidates pass the PGT exam then he can teach from 10th class to 12th class. Can teach children up to class.

TGT is not a course, TGT is a title given to a graduate, who has completed training in teaching. Hence, TGT is a graduate who is trained in teaching i.e. you are a graduate and have completed your B.Ed, And you are already a TGT and you don’t need any teacher training to become TGT, TGT teacher is qualified to teach students under 10Th, graduate in any field of study including 10Th student TGT admission Qualified for the exam.

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What is the educational qualification for TGT?

TGT Full-Form
TGT Full-Form

For TGT, the candidate should have a different educational qualification and what should be the educational qualification of the candidate for TGT, now I am going to tell you something else if you want to make your career in teaching and you can apply for any recognition. That is, you should have graduated from a university and you should have a teaching certificate for example B.ED, M.ED or BTC as well.

And the maximum age for this is decided according to the government rules, your age should be between 21 years to 60 years for TGT, and for your information let us tell you, the written exam for TGT is conducted at the state level itself. And in this exam you have to pass with 85% marks and only after passing the written test do you have to get 10% marks in a personal interview, if you pass the exam to TGT then you can go from class 6th to class. Can teach 10th children.

What is the name of the subject taught in TGT?

Many types of subjects are taught in TGT and the following are the names of some subjects given by TGT:-

  1. Math
  2. Science
  3. Geography
  4. Economics
  5. English
  6. History
  7. Regional language

TGT is not required to study, one can become a teacher with this qualification and that too till high school only PGT is required for that, if one wants to do a job of a teacher in junior high school then TGT The exam has to be passed only after that job is also available and there is also an exam for TGT and after passing that exam interview is held and only after that, the final selection takes place.

After the final selection, the school has to be selected, and then the final selection is made. And in today’s time, new recruiters to TGT teachers are getting a salary of about 45000 to 47000 rupees per month, TGT is the master of junior high school and who is recruited by giving the exam.

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