Radha Krishn Written Episode 8th August 2022 Update Vasu Deceives Shankar

In Radha Krishn Written Episode 8th August 2022: Bhargavi thinks that she cannot question Srinivas’s love. And Srinivas swears to Agnidev that he will show his love for Bhargavi. Bhargavi thinks that if Shankar doesn’t come with the money by tomorrow afternoon, Aai can force Gauri to marry someone else. She prays to Mahadev to help him solve Shankar’s problem and marry Gauri. And Vinayak sees the property gifted by Vasu and thinks that he will soon return home and marry Gauri.

Sage Bhrigu woke Govindaraja and demonstrated that Vasu had already left. Govindraj says Vasu was here last evening. Bhrigu says that while he is busy with his Brahmamuhurta prayer, he asks Vasu to spy on him. Govindraj says that he was spying on Vasu, but is sleeping somewhere; He will look for Vasu as Vasu may not have gone very far. Bhrigu says that he will wait for Vasu here as he is sure that Vasu will find Bhargavi here.

Bhargavi saw that the wedding mandap was being prepared. Ai’s servant tells her colleagues that Ai ordered the decoration of the mandap for Gauri and Alok’s wedding ceremony to be completed on time by noon. Hearing this, Bhargavi gets upset. Padmavati tells Srinivas that she had a dream to reach the palace and have fun there. Srinivas thinks that he wants to fulfill Bhargavi as soon as possible.

Bhargavi thinks of the right way to convince Aai to marry Gauri and Shankar. As a groom, Alok enters his house and seeks Aai’s blessings.

Radha Krishn Written Episode 8th August 2022 Update

Her mother says that she had brought turmeric/turmeric for Gauri. Mother welcomes them. Gauri’s mother brings her for the ritual. Gauri is sitting and crying. Mother asked Ai to perform the ritual before. Aai asks where is Bhargavi, let her be happy seeing Gauri’s ritual.

Vasu questions Shankar who tells that Bhargavi was helping Gauri and he married her. He thinks that if he gets Shankar and Gauri married, he can fool the villagers and force them to marry Bhargavi. Bhargavi asks Aai not to humiliate her again.

Aai says that she is inviting Bhargavi and Alok instead of attending the wedding rituals. Bhargavi requests him to give some time to Shankar to collect the money. Aai refuses and asks Shankar to tell that Alok is the best partner for Gauri. She performs haldi ceremony on Gauri and asks everyone to move ahead.

Bharavi imagines Srinivas which guarantees that love will surely win this time. She assures Gauri not to be scared as her love will win this time. Later the wedding ceremony begins. Bhargavi prayed to Narayan to help him fulfill his promise.

After Vasu, Shankar returns with the cash. Bhargavi will get upset seeing Vasu. Shankar gives cash to I. Ai is shocked and asks if she stole them. Vasu says that Shankara acquired him through his knowledge. Aai says that they can weigh both Shankar and Alok’s wealth and whoever is rich will marry Alok. Bhargavi once again prayed to Narayan.


Radha Krishn Written Episode 8th August 2022 Update Radha Krishn Written Episode 8th August 2022 Update Radha Krishn Written Episode 8th August 2022 Update Radha Krishn Written Episode 8th August 2022 Update

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