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Top 5 Poems for Teachers From Students | Teachers Day Poem in Hindi | Poems on Teacher’s Day 2022

Top 5 Poems for Teachers From Students | Teachers Day Poem in Hindi | Poems on Teacher’s Day 2022 This poem is dedicated to those teachers, who see every child the same and think about their bright future, give them good education along with good qualities, to honor all those teachers. Today on September 5, these are poems for all those good teachers, this poem is written by a student from the heart for his teacher, and from this poem is dedicated to the gratitude of his teacher i.e. gurus and for their respect: –

Poems for Teachers From Students

What is right what is wrong
What is lie and what is truth
You tell all this,
You explain all this,

where to go, what to do
how to do, why to do
You tell all this
You explain all this,

what is the path, what is the destination,
What is darkness, what is light,
You tell all this
You explain all this,

in every walk of life,
holding hands,
where to go and what to do,
You tell all this

When all the doors are closed,
Then you become a support,
By showing the way to all of us,
you move forward,

Poems for Teachers From Students

No knowledge without guru
Nothing without Guru
Until the Guru gives the knowledge,
Till then there is darkness,

If you don’t get the support of the guru,
The darkness of the mind cannot be erased,

without a guru
The target is not visible,
Keeping the step ahead, the mind keeps getting scared.

Without them there would be no campaign.
There is no Guru without knowledge.

As long as you stay away from the guru,
The thirst for knowledge would not have been fulfilled.

Poems on Teacher’s Day 2022

Guru takes away the pain of knowledge,
Grate hard knowledge,

Life without Guru is foolish
As there is a soul without a body,

keep wandering from us,
Guru takes out

by giving knowledge,
makes a scholar,

of wealth, power, means, intelligence, knowledge,
Don’t be proud, don’t be guru without knowledge.

Teachers Day Poem in Hindi

Guru, this nectar of yours will always be remembered by me.
what is good what is bad
Let us recognize him

No matter how we get the way, we respect it
Whether the lamp is lit or embers, remember your lesson,

No one fights on caste and religion
teach love the most,

how do we water success
how to climb the summit,

The truth is in schools
make a good person,

Famous poems about teachers

Teachers are not only great
We are a boon to the disciples

little fingers
how much was taught
knowledge science and action
you taught the lesson of

In these difficulties of the world
showed the way of simplicity
in the darkness of trouble
the lamp of knowledge was lit

To that school
parents brought
on the pinnacle of success
Only the knowledge of the teacher had brought it..!

5th September Happy Teachers Day, Poems for Teachers

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