Motivational Story that makes Success, Top 7 Motivational Success Story

In today’s article, I am going to tell some stories about Motivational Story that makes success and this story is related to the life of those people who were like you, but they did not succumb to the troubles and took so much of their work. It was that in today’s time he has become such a success, that today he has become able to inspire others.

Motivational Story that makes Success

If you read it well, you will definitely get something from these seven stories, don’t take it as a story and apply it in life, then you tell in the comment whether you benefited or not.

Failure is more important than success

Failure is more important than success
Failure is more important than success

There comes a time in everyone’s life when everything goes against you and there is a disappointment from all sides, no matter who you are or anything else, you stand at that point of life. There are places where everything is going wrong, whether it can be some software which has been rejected by everyone, or you may have a decision which has proved to be very terrible.

But in the true sense, failure is more important than success, and all the businessmen, scientists, or great men in our history have failed many times in a row before becoming successful in life when we do too little. If it happens, it is not necessary that everything will be right or it is happening right, but if you stop trying because of this, you can never be successful, then it will be wrong, like this, I am going to tell about some people.

Henry Ford, the billionaire. Who is the owner of the world-famous Ford Motor Company and before becoming successful, Ford had failed in five other businesses, if there was someone else, he would have broken due to failure in different businesses five times and drowning in debt but Ford did not do this And today is the owner of a bilinear company.

If we talk about failure, then the name of Thomas Alva Edison comes first, before making the light bulb, he did about 1000 failed experiments, then he got success.

Albert Einstein could not speak till the age of 4 and was illiterate till the age of 7. And people considered him to be mentally weak, but on the ability of his theory and principles, he is one of the world’s greatest scientists.

Now imagine what would have happened if Henry Ford sat down after five failures in business, or Edison gave up hope after 999 unsuccessful experiments and Einstein also considered himself to be mentally weak?

We would have been ignorant of many great talents and inventions. Failure only shows the path of success to a person, a great man has said one thing that –

“Winners never quit and quitters never win”

Winners never give up and those who give up can never win.

Today all people keep cursing their fate and circumstances, now just imagine if Edison had stopped trying considering himself as unlucky, then the world would have been deprived of a very big invention and Albert Einstein would also keep cursing his fate and circumstances, then today Don’t know much but they didn’t do it so why do you. Whatever work you are engaged in, keep doing it, sometimes your time will come, even if it will come late, but your time will definitely come.

Even if you have failed in some work, then what happened is not the end, is it not, and try again, because those who try never give up.

Friends, failure is only the beginning of success, do not panic, but start trying again with full enthusiasm and passion. Even though it will take some time but everything will be fine.

You learn to believe in yourself and believe in yourself only then you will be able to succeed in anything.

It is necessary to conquer the fear of the mind

Motivational Story that makes Success
Motivational Story that makes Success

You might know that the deer’s running capacity is about 90 kilometers per hour, and the tiger’s running speed is about 60 kilometers per hour. But still, the tiger hunts the deer every time. Do you know why?

If I do not know, then I tell why there is a fear in the mind of a deer that it will not be able to win over the tiger and because of this fear, it stops and looks back again and again and the fear of the deer’s mind increases its speed. , and the tiger easily hunts it down.

So the fear of the mind always stops us from moving forward. The person who has the fear of losing in his mind is never able to work to his full potential and there is always a feeling of weakness in his mind.

Whatever work you do, has nothing to do with it and whatever work you are doing, it is very important for you to win your mind because the person who loses from the mind is never successful despite having immense potential.

If you want to win then stop all the ways of failure

There is a story from a very old time:- There used to be a small kingdom named Mahosar. One day the spies informed the king that the neighboring kingdom was about to attack us and the spies told us that the news was absolutely certain, and within just three days the neighboring kingdom would attack with their huge army and our large army would be in front of us. The army will not survive.

The king became very worried, he immediately called a meeting and sought advice from all the people that now we have decided to die, if any person has any suggestion then he can definitely give his suggestion.

The king’s clever minister said, Rajan, now the matter has come to life, so the only solution is that we should attack the neighboring state today itself. The king said – Minister, our army is very small, how will we fight them.

The minister said, Lord, there is no preparation for war in the neighboring state, if we attack them now, they will not be able to survive and we will have some hope of winning, even if we do not attack then our destruction is certain.

The king was satisfied, he immediately ordered his army to be ready and the citizens of the state also joined the army and went to war.

Before going to the neighboring kingdom, the army had to cross a bridge over a huge river. As soon as the army crossed the bridge and entered the neighboring kingdom, the king set that bridge on fire and told the army that now we have no way to go back. Either we have to win or else we have to die here and give up our lives. All the soldiers fought with their full potential and also defeated the large army of the neighboring state.

Friends, just as the king had closed all the paths of failure of his army, in the same way, you have to close all the paths of your failure, but you yourself have to realize that when all the paths of a man are closed, then he works the hardest. does and achieves success.

If you stop thinking about your failure, then only you will be able to succeed.

Hard work makes the impossible possible,

Hard work makes the impossible possible,
Hard work makes the impossible possible,

There are some tasks in the life of every person that always seems impossible to do, and when another person comes and shows that impossible task possible, then we feel that he was very lucky.

But it is not like that, you have never done as much hard work as is required to do an impossible task.

No work is impossible, but a little difficult, and when a task is so difficult that we cannot do it easily, then we start calling it impossible, and do not do it, this word impossible comes to our mind. If so, you just stop trying.

You must remember that earlier 300 runs had to be scored in one day cricket, it was a big deal for any team, if a team scored 300 runs then its victory was certain because by that time it was impossible to beat 300 runs. felt.

But time kept on changing and new people kept coming and runs started getting faster, and today scoring 300 runs in one day has become a very minor thing, now people give back even 400 runs.

There was a lot of praise for scoring a century in the first ODI and it was impossible to score a double century in ODIs and no one even thought about it.

But Sachin Tendulkar broke this illusion of the people and set a record by scoring 200 runs in One Day and this story did not stop here, a few days later, explosive batsman Sehwag also scored a double century, after that many people scored 200 runs till now. have gone,

So nothing was impossible, nothing happens unless you are trying and the work was very difficult, so we consider it impossible and give it an end.

But remember one thing, one day a person will come who will make this impossible possible and you will keep leaving the work considering it as luck.

There is no dearth of hard-working people in the world, if not you, someone else is right. Someone will come and pile up the maze of the impossible in a jiffy, and you will be watching.

Throw the word impossible out of your mind because this word will stop you from moving forward.

Everything happens on its own time

Once upon a time, a person went to the mountains to see the Lord and when he reached the top of the mountain, he saw the Lord, that person was very happy. Did he say to God, God, millions of years are equal to how much for you? God said only 1 minute is equal to then the person said God, how much is lakhs of rupees for you? God said it is equal to only 1 rupee, then the person said, can God give me 1 rupee? God smiled and said wait 1 minute, disciple….

So, friends, no one has got and will never get more than luck, every work is done on its own time, as the tree grows with time, the tree bears fruit only when the time comes. Friends, keep working hard in life, when the time comes, you will definitely get the fruits.

But there is also one thing that if you will be engaged in some work and it is not written in your destiny, then you can take it on the basis of hard work.

What is the cost of a human being?

Once a teacher was teaching in the class, to teach something new to the children, the teacher took out a note of Rs 100 from the pocket, now showing that note to the children said, can you guys tell how much note this is? All the children said “100 rupees”
The teacher again said who would like to take this note? All the children raised their hands,

Now that teacher tightly crushed that note in his fist and crushed it badly. Now the teacher again showed the note to the children and said again, now this note has been crushed, now who would like to take it? All the children raised their hands again.

Now that teacher again threw that note on the ground and crushed it badly with his shoe, then the teacher picked up the note and showed it to the children again and asked who would like to take it now? All the children raised their hands again.

Now the teacher said that children, today I have taught you a very big note, it was a note of 100 rupees when I crushed it with my hand, this note got crushed but its value remained only 100 rupees, after that when I mashed it with a shoe. This note got dirty but still, its value remained only 100 rupees.

In the same way, the value of a human being and the ability of a human being is always the same, no matter how many difficulties may come on you, however many troubles dust falls on you but you do not have to lose your value, you were better yesterday too And even better today, NEVER FORGET IT.

Motivational Story

Story of Elephant and Rope

It is a matter of one day that a person was passing through the road, when he saw that an elephant is tied to a rope of a small wooden peg, it was very surprising to see that person that such a huge elephant was tied to that wooden peg with the help of a thin rope. How is it tied to the peg?

Seeing this, the person was surprised, then that person said to the owner of the elephant, this elephant is so huge, then how is it tied to this thin rope and peg? If it wants, it can break this rope in one stroke.

The owner of the elephant said to the person when this elephant was small, I had tied it with a rope at the same time, and at that time it tried its best to uproot the peg and break the rope but it was small so it failed, it had tried thousands but when it If this rope did not break, then the elephant was convinced that this rope is very strong and it will never be able to break it, thus the elephant ended up trying to break the rope.

Today this elephant has become so huge, but even today the same belief remains in its mind that it will not be able to break this rope, so it never tries to break it, so being so huge, it is tied with a thin rope. Is.

So friends, just like that elephant, such beliefs are formed in humans, due to which we also feel that if there was no tomorrow then how will it happen today. Once we fail, we believe that we can no longer succeed and then we never try to move forward and live like elephants in false beliefs, and we keep cursing our fate.

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