How to do ESIC Login in the easiest and safest way

In today’s post, you will know How to do ESIC Login in the easiest and safest way and I am going to tell you about it and let me tell you one thing that today many people try to log in to ESIC every day. But due to people not knowing the complete information about it, they are unable to login into it and if you have to login into it, then this information is going to be very useful for you, then read this post carefully.

It is very easy to log in to ESIC and for this, you have to follow a small process only then you will be able to login into it and to login in it you need internet and a mobile or computer is required in which You want to log in, after that, you can follow this process how to login ESIC.

How to do ESIC Login

All those who want to log in to ESIC can log in to it through its official website and we will tell you about its official website so that you can easily log in to it.

  • First of all you have to go to the official website of
  • Now the homepage of this website will have come in front of you.
  • Now you will see an option of login Employer Login in it, then you have to click on it.
  • After that now you will be asked to enter your username, password, and captcha code in it.
  • After that you get login into it and to login in to it you must have its username and password, only then you can log in to it and take advantage of its services.

Which employees will get the benefit of ESIC

How to do ESIC Login
How to do ESIC Login

The salary limit of all the employees in ESIC is already fixed and the employees having salaries of Rs 21000 are covered under this scheme and initially its limit was kept up to Rs 15000 salary but after that, in the year 2016, its salary limit has been increased. 21000 was increased to Rs.

What can I do after ESIC login?

When you log in to ESIC, after that you get to see many different options so that you can work according to your wish and after logging in, you can also add new employees to it. You can make corrections in name, father’s name, mother’s name, etc., and can also change the address, along with this you can also update your mobile number and add a nominee.

If a company or organization has 500 employees and that company wants to add the numbers of all its employees to ESIC, then you will also get the option of uploading bulk mobile numbers, so that you can upload many numbers in it simultaneously.

Advantages of ESIC

There are many benefits from ESIC, under this scheme, medical facilities are also provided to the family members of the employee and a free treatment facility is also provided in case of ill health of an employee or his family. And the employees coming under this scheme are given free treatment in the dispensary and hospital and if any person’s disease is serious then he is admitted to the private hospital and all the expenses of the private hospital are also borne by ESIC.

Along with this, ESIC provides another benefit, if an employee is unable to do a job due to illness, in such a situation, ESIC pays 70 percent of his total salary to that employee so that the employee can run his house easily and If an employee becomes disabled or any part of the body becomes disabled for life, then 90 percent of the salary is provided to him by this.

How to do ESIC Login

ESIC benefits on death

If any employee dies, then Rs 15000 is also given by ESIC for the last rites of the employee and after that, the nominee is given a monthly pension so that his family members can live easily and Can walk home easily.

In ESIC, on the death of the insured employee, his dependent is given ESIC pension, which is given for life and this pension is divided into 3 parts, as the first pension is given to the wife of the insured and the second to the insured person. Pension is also given to the children of the insured and the third pension is given to the parents of the insured.

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