How to become a hacker – Know ethical hacking courses

You must know how difficult it is to become a hacker, that is why today I will tell you about How to become a hacker – Know ethical hacking courses, in which you will get information related to becoming a hacker.

In the field of cyber, hacking is common to everyone, in reality, hacking is a big problem of computer viruses. This is done by the computer itself, by hacking hackers take complete control of your computer or your account and thus they get full freedom to steal or destroy your data.

And to deal with this problem at the international level, a course on ethical hackers is conducted, if you also want to make a career in this field, then on this page the information about the course of ethical hacking is being given in detail, you should do it carefully. read.

How to become a hacker

To become a hacker, you have to do this course, only then you can become a hacker, or you can become a hacker by learning from yourself, so friends, before giving information about which course to do to become a hacker. It explains what a hacker is and with what it is done, and you will be given further information about becoming a hacker.

What is Hacker & Hacking

How to become a hacker
How to become a hacker

There is a difference between hacker and hacking, the hacker is called one who hacks a system or any object, that is, he captures himself who is a human, and you can also call hacking a course and this course is hacked by, and only through hacking, any person is able to hack any object, then friends you have to take a course to learn to hack, so I will also give you information about a course which course Do about it in large quantities.

What are ethical hackers?

One of those courses is named ethical and it is a type of IT security professional, and it has all the qualifications of a hacker, but they use them for security purposes in the computer and cyber world, so they are called security. Analysts, also known as penetration testers or white hackers, work to secure their company’s information systems, which is a challenging task, so it requires working 24 hours or more when required. is fallow.

Eligibility for doing hacking course?

For you to enter this field, you should have good knowledge about computer programming and for this, it becomes mandatory for you to have a degree in information technology, computer engineering, or computer science,

In addition to this educational qualification, you must have the necessary knowledge about the programming language and the operating system used in the computer such as Windows or Linux,

That is, you have to take a degree in information technology, computer engineering, or computer science, which means you have to do graduation in this field and that too after doing any of these three, then only you will be able to learn to hack, otherwise you will learn by working hard on your own.

What is the salary after this course?

After doing the ethical hacking course, you can earn Rs 27,000 to 30,000 per month in the beginning, along with those who have a degree in other subjects, they can easily get Rs 20,000 per month in the beginning, and you are a good hacker. So you can expect more salary than this.

What is the fee for an ethical course?

The cost of the ethical hacking course in India can be as low as 9000 to 18000 per month, and it also depends on the institute, how much it will offer you this course.

Name of Hacking courses

  1. Certificate Course in Cyber Law
  2. CCNA Certification
  3. PG Diploma in Digital and Cyber Forensics
  4. PG Diploma in Cyber Law
  5. Certified Ethical Hacker
  6. ssc cyber forensics and information security
  7. Advance Diploma in Ethical Hacking
  8. Certified Information Systems Security Profession

Hacking courses institute Name

  • Tilak Maharashtra University
  • Indian Institute of Information Security
  • CERT
  • Innobuzz Knowledge Solutions Pvt Ltd
  • Indian School of Ethical Hacking.

So friends, in today’s post, you have learned how to become a hacker and what to do to become a hacker, hope you liked this post, then friends, if you want to learn to hack, then share this post with your friends, and some more If you want to ask, then definitely ask in the comment box, thank you.

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