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Health Tips – How can you stay healthy at home- health tips for Everyone

Friends, (Health Tips) you will know how important it has become for you to stay healthy in Lockdown because no one’s body can remain healthy by staying at home. First of all, let’s talk about how you can keep your body fit. Unless you do any physical work, only you are thinking that eating fruits and protein can keep you fit,

then it would be wrong to think Because when you consume fruit as a diet, you have to physically do something with it. What I mean to say is that you also need to do yoga or exercise. Due to which your body remains healthy, if you do yoga or exercise for at least 10 minutes every day, then your body helps in staying healthy by 50%.

And if seen, 50% also depends on our food, if you consume healthy fruits and any healthy food, then you can stay fit up to 99%. First of all, when you wake up in the morning, do exercise or yoga, after that you will consume fruits so that your body’s instant energy will remain throughout the day.

I want to tell you one thing that you must eat the fruits and vegetables in which season like there are many seasons in India, and every season has different fruit and vegetable season, which you can eat in plenty. Eat this your body will always be healthy.

If you do not get time to eat fruits, then you can eat only one fruit, eat a banana in the morning, which will keep your energy and if you eat two spoons of peanut butter once a day then you will get protein. for the whole day. And peanut butter also protects against Alzheimer’s and if you eat it then you will never lack protein.

Now I am going to tell you many more things like, how can you reduce your weight, And how can you increase the weight, or how can you keep your weight limited, after that how can you keep your mind calm? How can you keep your body healthy? So let’s go to mention all these things now.

How can you reduce your weight?

Many people have this problem, but due to a lack of proper information, they are not able to reduce their weight and their weight keeps on increasing. But now let me tell you about how to lose weight. First of all, you should correct your diet, you should ignore more healthy food and stop consuming most of the fast food.

When you do this, then you can join a gym, from that you can lose white and when your weight is reduced ie your body becomes fit then you Do not leave the gym suddenly, you should leave the gym slowly, after that when you have left the gym, then you will be at home in the morning.

Start doing yoga and exercise and do it daily for at least 10 minutes, you do it in a simple way and your weight will remain the same.

Do not skip breakfast

Health Tips

Do not skip breakfast, your stamina remains due to breakfast and you do not feel hungry. You must have seen that many people have to bear the brunt of not having breakfast. Like you must have seen obesity in many people, the biggest reason for you is that when they do not have breakfast on time

And when they go to eat food, they are very hungry, along with that they eat more food than the stamina of their body and When they eat food, due to hunger, they start swallowing food without even chewing the food, that is, without the help of teeth.

This is the reason why the stomach goes out, and the body increases in unlimited quantities, but sometimes it happens due to illness Otherwise, it is also due to their not eating the right food.

How can you increase your weight

You can increase your weight very quickly, but sometimes it takes some time to gain weight. If you want to make your body fat without nature, then very soon you can increase your weight, in about 3 months you will be able to see a lot of difference.

For this, you have to consume protein powder, along with that you will also have to exercise, only after that, your body weight will increase. But if you want to increase your body weight according to nature, that is, without protein powder, then you will have to wait for many days.

If you want to increase your body naturally, then you have to follow some rules in the morning, such as You have to eat bananas, milk, and fruit in the morning and whatever food you are eating, eat more than your stamina and do not chew and eat the food and you should not eat fast food but to gain weight you should also eat fast food. consume.

How to cure sore throat (nature tips)

If there is a sore throat and it is not able to be cured, then definitely use household things for it like drinking lukewarm water in the morning for 7 days after that.

You take decoctions like water, salt, pepper, basil leaves, keeping all these in a vessel, after that you boil all of them when they become a little soft, after that, you drink it and you can use it both in the morning and in the evening. consume.

After that, after boiling only water in the evening, when it becomes a little soft, after that you gargle with that boiled water, your problem will end in 7 days, when you do these three every morning and in the morning, then your cold will be all. Will be OK.

Eat Protein-Rich Diet

You should always eat a protein-rich diet like healthy food, healthy food and to stay healthy, you must exercise in the morning, as mentioned above, you can also eat bananas in the morning, you never have to be hungry and in a normal way. eat anything. ie eat in limited quantity.

And get up early in the morning and do yoga with it and you should stay away from fast food, if you feel like eating fast food, then eat fast food in small quantity. and You must consume milk, banana, fish, and egg.

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