5+ God Message For You, God message for today, God’s Message of hope

Have you ever wondered why you are on earth, or whether there is life after it? (God Message For You) What is the purpose of your life, God has the answers to these questions, and He Himself wants you to know the truth? You can learn the scriptures by studying the scriptures and communicating with him through prayer, and by reading them, Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian, you can get the knowledge of all these scriptures, as well as you can learn from them. You can live your life happily, God says, you will become what you think, you will fill as you do.

God’s Message For You today

Don’t worry I’m with you, have faith,
You too will be successful
And your days will be good too,
But believe me, time is so strong
Who ruins the good
And the one who worships me also inhabits it,

God Says you & me
God Says you & me

Is God still there?

If you want to know about God, then you will have to listen to his teachings, and the book is there, you will have to read it carefully and follow everything he has said, and God is present everywhere. Remembering with a sincere heart, they come and talk in their dreams, only following their teachings is valid for good thoughts.

God Message For You
God Message For You

Ask your questions by praying

He is the God who separated the Red Sea, saved it from the Flood, and who is spinning this earth, He has the power to do miracles in your life, and with sincere prayer, He will surely listen and listen to it. will answer. And he will also guide your life. You can also ask the answer to your questions by praying.

god message for you

What does God Want from you

God does not want anything from you, just live together and live your life well, and if you want to know more about God, then you can read books like Granth, Bible, and Quran, from this you will always learn something or the other, and you will have to If you get some unique information, then definitely bring it to the people, so that everyone can know that information.

god saying

What is life?

Life i.e. the period between our birth to death is called life, under this period there are many types of activities in your life, which show the good and evil of human beings, and from this life period your sins and virtues. It is determined, as a result of which the path of hell and heaven is decided to you.

Lord of shiva is saying

Only One Lord Of Shiva And Lord of Rama Is Great, with Jesus, Allah, And others

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