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Food and Nutrition

We all know that food is very essential for our life. We eat food to fulfill our hunger and to get the energy to do work. Food substances consist of essential amounts of protein, carbohydrates, fat, and other nutrients used in the body of an organism to sustain growth and vital processes and to get energy. But many people eat junk food like ” samosa, chaat, Water pancake (paani puri), biscuits, and others fast foods”.

That harms our body and cause many diseases. Unwanted or junk food also affects our physical and mental health. So, it is necessary to eat nutritious food. Nutrients food makes our body healthy and free from many diseases. Nutrition food also gave us more energy to do work and make our physical and mental health fit.

Good nutrition combined with regular physical activity is a necessity for good health. Her good nutrition means getting the right amount of nutrition from healthy food in the right combination.

According to Lusk Graham, “Nutrition is the sum process concerned with growth maintenance and repair of the living body as a whole or of its constituent parts”.

According to Bedi, “Nutrition is the scientific term of which deals with food values, food processing, it’s digestion absorption and metabolizing in the body”.

We need to have all essential nutrients in our body’s everyday diet for a healthy life. Such a kind of diet is called a balanced diet. A balanced diet contains about (60%) carbohydrate (15%) fat and (17%) protein (1.5%) minerals wheat sufficient quality of vitamins and water.

Table of Nutrients Functions, and Sources

Nutrients, functions, and sources, all these have a very important role in our life, because of this we are alive on this earth, if we do not get them even for a short time, then we will not be able to survive.

Food and Nutrition and Nutrients Functions, and Sources
Carbohydrates1. it’s supply energy for all the cells in the body in the body.
2. Lactose enhances the absorption of calcium. It keeps the body warm.
3. Glucose is essential for the central nervous system.
4. It is essential to remove the poisonous substances from the liver.
5. Carbohydrate prevents the protein from being used as energy.
6. it keeps the body warm
Rice, wheat, turnip, maize, potato, sweet potato, sugarcane, fruits..etc.
Fat1. It provides energy to the body.
2. It has in the absorption of vitamins.
3. It Dismissed protein metabolism Fat spares the need for thiamine.
4. Fat under the skin provides insulation against cold.
5. Fat provides support to vital organs like the heart kidney intestine etc.
Fish oil, butter, cheese, ghee, olive oil, sunflower, coconut oil, Mustard oil, soya-bean.. etc.
Minerals1. Minerals play a vital role in carbohydrate fat and protein metabolism.
2. Minerals control and balance water in the body.
3. Minerals play an important role in the function of vital organs like the heart kidney etc.
4. Minerals maintain good health.
5. It helps in the maintenance of bones and teeth etc.
Fruits, vegetables, fish, meat, egg, grains and etc. (Calcium magnesium iron copper copper-zinc iodine sulfur chloride sodium, and potassium are some examples of minerals that are required for our body. )
Protein1. It supplies energy.
2. It builds up tissue.
3. Protein helps in the growth of children.
4. It is from antibodies that help prevent infection, illness, and disease.
5. Protein stimulates metabolism.
6. It helps repair and maintenance of body tissue.
7. It helps in the synthesis of antibodies and hormones.
Fish, meat, egg, milk, beans, pulse, Green leafy vegetables and etc.
Water1. Water regulates the body temperature.
2. It regulates the electrolyte balance.
3. It protects from dehydration.
4. It helps to transport nutrition and waste materials.
5. Regulates the internal and external temperature of the body.
6. Helps to make skin and hair soft and moist.
7. Helps to balance the PH value of the body.
You all know
NOTE (Generally, a person needs about 3 to 5 liters of water in a day.)
Food and Nutrition

Nutrition and Health Click to know more

Make fruits and vegetables the biggest part of your diet

health tips and nutrients and food

Try to eat a variety of colors and a variety of fruits and vegetables. And with this also remember that potatoes never come in vegetables because eating potatoes has a negative effect on diseases like sugar in the blood, or ‘blood glucose. Because potatoes are not considered vegetables, that is why you should consume potatoes only in small quantities.

Although if seen, we should not consume fast food, all eat fast food for breakfast, most of the bread is also used in fast food which is very harmful for our health, you can eat green vegetables. Try to eat related food.

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