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FBI FULL FORM – What is the FBI and How to become an FBI Officer?

In today’s post, what is FBI full form? And you will also know that you will be told the complete information about what is FBI. Many agencies have been created in the country to crack down on all crimes, and so is the FBI, an agency that primarily functions as both a federal criminal investigation and an internal intelligence agency, if If you do not get much information related to the FBI and you want to know about it, then if you stay in this post then you will get FBI Full Form and what is FBI? Detailed information will be given to you in detail.


The full form of the FBI is the ‘Federal Bureau of Investigation‘, and it is an agency that fulfills the function of both a federal criminal investigation body and an internal intelligence agency.

FBI FULL FORM –Federal Bureau of Investigation

What is the FBI?

FBI is a well-known agency and it is also a crime prevention agency, which mainly performs the task of detecting crime by investigating any suspected crime and then punishing it later. The FBI, as well as fighting corruption, international national criminal organizations, white-collar crime, violent crime, and supporting federal, state, local, and international partners, and promoting technology to succeed in each of its missions. Dena also accomplishes tasks etc.,

while, if we talk about its slogan, then its slogan is bravery, honesty, integrity. Apart from this, the headquarters of the FBI J. Edgar Hoover Building Washington, D.C., and the FBI has more than 400 local agencies located in small towns and cities across the country, and each agency has the same function that I mentioned earlier.

How to become an FBI Officer?


To become an FBI officer, the candidate’s age should be between 23 years to 37 years. Along with this, the candidate should also have US citizenship and it is also necessary to have a Moral Character, the candidate to become an FBI agent should not have any criminal record, if ever your name is in crime then you will not become an FBI officer. Apart from this, the candidate must also have a Bachelor’s degree of at least four years. And with this,

it is also necessary to have three years of experience in professional work, along with all this, the candidate has to appear in many more tests apart from the Health Fitness Test, after achieving success in all these. The candidate is appointed as an FBI agent and after that, he is made an FBI officer.

Names of the Main Functional Branches of the FBI

  • FBI Information and Technology Branch
  • FBI National Security Branch
  • FBI Intelligence Branch
  • FBI Human Resources Branch
  • FBI Criminal, Cyber, Response, and Services Branch
  • FBI Science and Technology Branch

History of FBI

The FBI was established in 1898 as the BOI (Bureau of Investigation). And at that time it was not given a specific name, but on July 1, 1935, its name was changed to the FBI, or the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the headquarters of the FBI was Washington, D.C. Which is located in a building called J. Edgar Hoover. and The Federal Department of Investigation is a United States agency.

What are the top priorities of the FBI?

  • Protecting the United States against foreign intelligence actions and espionage.
  • Combating public corruption at all levels.
  • Keeping the United States safe from terrorist attacks.
  • Protecting the United States against cyber-based attacks and high-technology crimes.
  • Protecting civil rights.
  • Combating major white collar crimes.
  • To protect international/national criminal organizations and enterprises.
  • Supporting federal, state, local and international partners.
  • Combating significant violent crime.
  • Combating major white collar crimes.

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