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DM Full Form – What is DM and How to become DM?

Today, what is DM Full Form to all of you, and who is called DM? And how DMs are made, you will get to know about all these in this post. And others are going to give information in this, which I am going to tell one by one. And with this, I am also going to tell about becoming DM today, such as you will know about DM Education Qualification, Selection Process, Age Limit, etc in detail, and with this, you can easily understand DM Kaise Bane’s complete information. Will be able

I want to tell you one more thing that today every youth’s first choice is to become a civil officer but if it is to become a judge, then the passion increases even more rapidly and you must know that the post of magistrate is very big and Along with that they are powerful and you should also know that a magistrate has many rights and at the same time it is a respectable job, today we are going to give you complete information about dm full form and how to become dm.

What is DM Full Form?

Many people do not even know about the full name of DM, that’s why I first give you complete information about its name.

DM is full form – District Magistrate and they are also called district judges, who have a court in each district, there are judges. He is also called District Judge.

Educational Qualification to Become DM?

DM Full Form
DM Full Form

It is also necessary to have the necessary qualification to become a DM, for this you have to fulfill it, only then you can apply for it. To become a district judge, it is mandatory for the candidates to pass graduation from any recognized university, you are in 12th. There is not going to be any problem with what you took or what subject you are doing graduation, but only you have to pass graduation then only you will be able to give DM exam.

Age limit to become District Magistrate?

There is a different age limit for all the categories for the post of District Judge, which can be seen below:-

1. General21 years to 30 years
2OBC21 years to 33 years
3ST/ST21 years to 35 years
Age limit to become District Magistrate

Selection Process of District Magistrate?

To become a District Judge, you are first issued an application by the UPSC – Union Public Services Commission and for this, the State Civil Service Examination exam is conducted and after passing that exam, there are 3 types of the selection process and the same On the basis of this, IAS is also selected and later the post of District Judge is selected from the post.

Preliminary Exam

After applying, this is the first step in which all the applying students can participate in this exam, only then you can give further exams.

Main Exam

This is the second stage after passing the preliminary examination and only those candidates can participate in this examination who have been successful in the preliminary examination and this is the final written examination to become a district judge.


When both of you will pass the written test, only then you will be called for the interview, in which some officers will answer some questions from you and you are given marks on the basis of your performance in it, if you pass in this then you will become DM. Will go And let me tell you that you are often passed in interviews, so you give the interview comfortably and you do not have to argue on the question which you do not know, you can simply say that I do not know about it.

How to prepare for DM (Distinct Magistrate)?

If you want to become a DM, then we are telling you some easy tips about how to prepare for it and you can prepare it in the best way by following it.

  • For the preparation of DM, you first need to read the questions of the previous session well, after that you have to study more and more information for the preparation of DM, and you have to study hard.
  • And you have to make GK i.e. general knowledge very strong because most of the questions are related to GK only. And for this you read the newspaper every day.
  • Read more and more legal books because courts are based on law, so it is necessary to have legal knowledge. And you need maths very good and you should also study Hindi, after that you can prepare well for English, then your exam will go well, you will have to study for at least 8 to 10 hours by putting your mind in it. If it is needed, then only you will be ready for it.

DM compulsory subject list

  • General Science
  • Economics
  • Politics
  • Geography
  • History
  • Reasoning
  • Sociology
  • Technology……etc

DM Full Form

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