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Adobe Photoshop editing and learn Download:

 PHOTOSHOP: PHOTOSHOP is the best software in photo editing in which many tools are present as like move tool selection tool, magic tool, the quick selection tool and draws and paint with pens and brushes that like the real photo and many think in this software as like crop, retouch and restore.

The creative power of photoshop is on your computer, laptop, and iPad when you open this software(PHOTOSHOP) you look very fantastic and you amazing any photo and you create this picture with the help of adobe photoshop and photoshop has many version as like above photoshop7.0, adobe photoshop cc2015  and above photoshop cc2020 and….etc.

In photoshop you install another filter as like nick collection and hairbrush nick collection is a very interesting filter in which most effective color efex pro 4, in color efex pro 4 many effects is present as like dark contrast, contrast only and duplex,…….  and many things in photoshop, photoshop home page looks like.

Many times more than what I have just told, you will understand about all those effects, tools and functions in Photoshop a little late and without learning you may find it very difficult to move forward, it is good to learn by yourself but when you yourself Trying out,

and Photoshop is such software that if you try to learn by yourself, then it will be better for you because it requires more practice, then if you learn by seeing by yourself, it will be better.

You can not only edit the photo, but you can also make many designs from it, to say design, you can make any logo, you can also make a little graphic design, you can also make the 3D design in it. You can make it easier but you must be wondering how to make it,

then you do not need to worry when 100 people will say in the comment that if you write a separate post for this, then I will write a separate post for all of you. Doona and he will also write articles for quality photos.

                                                                                Adobe Photoshop editing and learn Download:

STEP 1: first you open photoshop then you open the file whose present left corner you found open then you click this file then your laptop/computer photo gallery you found then you select one picture and start editing as you show this image you click one by one.

step 2: After this, you continue editing and you go to top bar,found filter, and click this than in the filter you click camera raw filter.

STEP 3: And you manage effect in-camera Raw then you manage photo brightness, contrast, black exposure, white and color, etc and many effects, if you want to use another effect then you use other effect and you look at this picture and first around whose small red box you use camera Raw other effect and in the second box you manage color effect After that you click on ok.

STEP 4: After this you help of the selection tool And to add a selection, you have to right-click on the mouse and click the mouse with alt for selection minus, you can select the photo and click on Control + Backspace to erasing the background and you click the last box and unlock your picture and after this with selection and click delete bottom then you add a background image.

Adobe Photoshop editing and learn 

STEP 5: Now after adding background image then go to filter and you use again camera Raw filter and the same process you allow, manage color effect and light effect then click ok.

STEP 6: After this, you have to manage by going to Nick Collection, after opening Nick Collection, you will have to do four things as I have shown in this photo.

Adobe Photoshop editing and learn Download

photoshop editing

STEP 7: After this, you apply in your own way by applying acquittal to everyone in the Nick Collection. After this, you adjust the color, brightness, and contrast on the right side, after doing all this, you click OK.

photoshop photo editing

STEP 8: After doing all this, you have to clean your face which you have to do with the help of Mixer Bruch Tool, it has to be done by 14/15 in capacity. You can do this toll on your hand, pair or anywhere else, so that the picture will look good. If the photo looks thin or thick from any place, then you can adjust it in your own way by going to the filter and going to LiquifY.

STEP 9: And while doing all this, you also have to keep in mind that you have to keep telling the layer of the photos, otherwise there will be trouble in backing up.

STEP 10: If you want to do something else, then without any hesitation, you can easily use each and every tool, so that you will get much more information. If you have any problem then you can also take help from youtube.

Adobe Photoshop editing and learn Download, Adobe Photoshop editing and learn Download, Adobe Photoshop editing and learn Download

You know how difficult it has become to download the photo shop, many fake sites have become, but now you will not have to wander much because today I am telling you how to down direct photoshop for all of you, just two to three clicks. In itself you can learn editing.

And when it comes to photo editing, I have written this article for you because you can learn editing through it and if you want to learn editing better, then I can also provide video for you, but before that you can comment. You have to tell how to use editing or photoshop well in Photoshop.


You can learn Photoshop very quickly and I can give you complete information in just one article, but you have to be interested in it first, then only I can learn for you through articles or through videos so that you can learn a lot. Soon you will be able to learn Photoshop.

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